Wednesday, January 14, 2015

mommies Boys~ Mocha and Hershey

 If you know me at all or follow me on Instagram @hjjames2014, you know that I am completely obsessed with my boys. Mocha is 15 and Hershey is 11.
 They are so rotten to me and are my shadows at home. I took the time this fall early one morning- literally the sun had just came up and the ground was soaked with dew~ and captured these two beautiful souls. I ADORE these images- and the faces in them. Mocha is deaf- the past year he has lost his hearing, he is also developing cataracts and only has three toes on his right foot due to a cancerous bone tumor that had to be removed. He has lost around 30 pounds and his back legs tremble all the time from being so weak- his spine is visible and he can't jump up on things without help- BUT he is perfect to me and I cherish every single day with him. 

Hershey will be 12 a few days before Easter. He is actually Mocha's son- one of eleven puppies we had in his litter. I hand raised him and all his little siblings in a small plastic pool in my house- YES- you heard me right. I helped birth them- bottle feed them and raise them from the very beginning. And it was such an amazing experience. Hershey was the largest of his litter and the first born. I knew from the moment I saw him- he would never go anywhere. Hersh has always been the biggest teddy bear- and love bug. He thinks he weighs around 10 pounds- in reality he's closer to 90. The past two years Hershey went blind from a genetic disorder. He lost his sight very quickly- but adjusted amazingly well. We have a 3 story home- and he navigates it just fine.  Hershey really has taught me SO, so much. Even though he can not see- he is SO happy- his tail always wagging and he never walks outside- he RUNS- always wide open- even though he can't see. He loves so completely- and sees with his heart. He is such beautiful soul~
The past week Hershey has started to have seizures- we are working to eliminate  a possible cause. He is having fewer than when they first started- but still having at least two per day. It is heartbreaking- and so confusing to him. Please pray for my boys as they are both getting older- and having a lot of health issues. I am a worried mommy but still enjoy every moment I can with them. 
~Love you mommies boys~ 

My sweet boy turns 15~

My first baby celebrated his 15th birthday on October 7th at the beach. The best place to have a birthday of course. Mocha was my first dog- a Christmas gift from my husband- when I was 17- we were dating then of course. We have been through so much together. I can not imagine a day on this earth without him. But I know our time together is drawing to a close. The past year has really been rough on him, his body is just getting tired, and small and weak- and it kills me. 
He knows he is the other half of my heart and i know that's why he is hanging on as long as he can. There is no love like your first love~ and that's what he will always be to me~ 
Love you MoMo~ 
Forever and always~mommy