Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My BOHO babies~ Fall 2014

 I get so excited over planning new sets- dreaming up ideas and making them come to life. It's what I live for!! I absolutely love the little details- I love the odd, different, non perfect things in life. For my kids fall session- I wanted them to have a set that had sentiment, storybook, natural and rustic details. So I had my husband build me this tent- then I covered it in a vintage tablecloth that belonged to my late mother. That was the center of my set- and I built everything else around it. One of my all time favorite books to read to my little ones is Where the Wild Things are- by  Maurice Sendak.  So - I incorporated a bit of the feel of that book into this shoot as well. Both my children are creative, free, fun spirited little one's. They both march to the beat of their own drum- and I wanted to include that as well. I am thrilled with the outcome- this shoot was so fun- for them and me- and it's so them. Relaxed, natural, and free- just like them. I am looking forward to shooting so many other sweet little one's using this set next month. Happy Fall Y'all~ Love, Queen B